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13 Mesmerizing Lisa Frank Inspired Makeup Looks

Lisa Frank was a whimsical part of the 90s. You would see her colorful artwork on school supplies, stickers, backpacks, lunch pales and so much more! Recently, it seems like Lisa Frank as resurfaced and has become a huge trend in the makeup community! Her collaboration with companies like Morphe and Glamour Dolls Makeup has put her name back on the map and has made every 90s kid's heart glow. With that being said, here are some of the coolest Lisa Frank inspired makeup looks that we love:

1. This stunning cheetah mask looks so awesome, it has our minds blown! We're loving the colors the artist chose and how realistic it looks!

2. This artist went all out with this beautiful look inspired by Lisa Frank’s iconic colorful tigers! Also- the ears are super cute!

3. This look was done by your's truly! I was inspired by my favorite Lisa Frank image.

4. We're loving this purple and pink leopard print glam look! The inner corner highlight and pops of glitter are stunning.

5. This colorful starry eyed look is beautiful! We're also loving the green ombre brow and rosy cheeks.

6. This dramatic animal print wing is fierce! We're obsessed with the colorful lids, sharp wing, glowing skin and glossy lip.

7. Here is a colorful and whimsical look inspired by Lisa Frank's magical unicorn illustrations!

8. Fluffy brows and a beautiful colorful leopard print wing have our 90's hearts melting!

9. This half leopard drip look has us swooning! We're loving the bright colors and the blue hair that ties it all together.

10. Here is another look that is inspired by Lisa Frank's alien illustration. We're absolutely loving how cute and colorful this is!

11. This glitter, rainbow leopard print cut crease is gorgeous! We'd totally wear this look to a festival or 90s party!

12. This all over animal print look is so awesome! We love the blending of colors, bold wing and the stickers the artist added!

13. And finally, this creative colorful eye look has us wishing it was the 90s again! We're loving the wing mixed with the bold colors and leopard print!

Stay tuned for more lists like this one! In the mean time, feel free to check out this article: Good Molecules Skin Care - is it worth it?

Disclaimer: Hannah Lucia Makeup may receive a small portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently for entertainment purposes.

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