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The Best Makeup/Beauty Tools Under $20 on Amazon (that every makeup lover should own)

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Weather you are a makeup artist trying to build their kit, or just a makeup junkie/enthusiast that can't get enough makeup products in their collection, these Amazon makeup tools will satisfy all of your needs! And the best part about it is, they're all under $20!

BS-Mall 14 Piece Premium Synthetic Brush Kit $11.99

This number one seller,14 piece brush set its absolutely perfect for your makeup kit! In this set you'll receive 5 kabuki makeup brushes perfect for foundation, contouring and blush, and you'll also receive 9 precise eye makeup brushes perfect for any eye look! The brushes have a sleek rose gold and black design, giving it that high-end look all on a budget. The brushes are soft and they don't shed; lasting you a life time when properly taken care of.

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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner $19.99

I don't know about you, but I hate cleaning my makeup brushes. It's time consuming and it's hard to actually want to clean your brushes every 2 weeks. With that being said, this electric makeup brush cleaner is a game changer! It fits most makeup brushes on the market, and makes cleaning fast, easy and fun! It also comes with a rubber brush holder to speed up drying time. For just under $20, you can't beat it!

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Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Set $16.99

Face rollers and gua shas are a newer trend in the makeup community. What's so great about these products is that they firm your skin, help relieve facial tension, improves blood flow, reduces puffiness and so much more! (Fun fact: the use of face rollers and gua shas actually go back all the way to ancient times!) If you're wanting to treat yourself to the ultimate self care and skin care tools this would be the one to try.

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LanMa Beauty Sponge Holder (pack of 2) $6.58

If you're looking for something to hold your beauty blender, these stainless steel sponge holders are perfect! For under $7, you get a pack of 2 holders ranging in different finishes like rose gold or silver. These holders look cute on any vanity or counter top and more importantly they allow your makeup sponges to be stored in a well vented area without taking up too much space.

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MS. Dear Quick Color Remover Sponge $6.99

I swear by this color switch sponge! It's perfect for when you are using multiple eyeshadows for a makeup look but you want to keep using the same brush. You don't have to use water, brush cleaner or soaps and it allows you to remove all remaining color on the brush quickly and effectively, so that you can immediately use it for another color! This product is such a game changer and I highly recommend that every makeup lover has one in their kit/collection!

The Spatty & Spatty Daddy Last Drop Spatula $11.99

This product is a life saver when it comes to not wasting any product! It's such a simple concept that goes a really long way. These makeup spatulas allow you to get every last drop out of your foundations, concealers and other liquid/cream products! It's made with a dishwasher safe material that is flexible and resilient. This comes as a set of 2 and for under $12 you'll be saving product and money all year round!

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Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case $18.98

With almost 12,000 reviews and a 4 1/2 start rating, this makeup travel case is great not only for makeup artists, but also for makeup lovers who travel often! This travel case has plenty of storage space as well as adjustable compartments. As an added bonus, it's also multifunctional. This bag not only can storage your cosmetics, but also Jewelry, electronic accessories, camera, toiletries, and so on!

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Stay tuned for more lists like this one! In the mean time, feel free to check out this article:

Disclaimer: Hannah Lucia Makeup may receive a small portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently for entertainment purposes.

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